The syllabus sets out content and learning goals as well as expectations of performance at different stages of engagement in Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu. It is formulated to provide transparent and measurable expectations and objective assessment.

Learning martial arts is not a linear process and people will progress in different ways at different times. Progress is achieved through learning more techniques but we place greater emphasis on the increasing quality and effectiveness of the individual's movement. At higher grades we value commitment to helping others learn.

We follow a modern belt structure of assessment which is derived from Jigaro Kano's Judo and has been adopted by a majority of martial arts in the 20th and 21st centuries.  

We offer a progressive approach to learning and assessment with 10 kyu grades leading to shodan (blackbelt). The 10th, 9th and 8th Kyu form the induction to the Ryu in the initial months of training then learning expectations and time between kyu progress becomes incrementally longer in recognition of the depth of learning and skill development required.

Syllabus KSA 10 Kyu to Shodan