Authentic Effective Accessible

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu: martial arts should raise our spirits, we should feel good through experiencing the Ryu.  We should feel safer physically and emotionally. The connectivity of martial arts of the past to the present gives context to action

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu embraces the way individuals learn. Using the knowledge of both ancient and modern teaching and learning approaches we enable students to access traditional martial arts so that they can use the skills in both self defence and in life. Only through engaging emotionally and with ‘spirit’ a student can embrace the historical connection with a movement or technique and deliver with conviction and meaning.

Ikiyōyō Ryu Bujutsu places emphasis on effective core movement as a path to traditional jujutsu and weapons technique. 

The movement of the body is both unique and universal

Core Values

Ikiyōyō-Ryu Bujutsu is an a not for profit unincorporated association run by volunteers